BABEL, a project with Mirja Koponen
"We want to open up the space for the cheerfully messy negotiation between different aesthetic practices and the discovery through material hunt. The project will culminate in a day-long event, where the material laboratory will be put to test as a landscape for artists play. The process of production is open and shared with the audience, who is invited throughout the project to participate in the organic progress of construction by interactive work, observation, conversation and fragrant cups of tea." (Mirja Koponen, October 2012)
Thanks to Artists, Magdalen Chua, Adeline Bourret, Michael Bowdidge and Rebecca Green and Studio 41

Studio 41, Glasgow :BABEL

Material laboratory with Mirja Koponen

Haptic Video Tape  

Mirja Koponen, Magdalen Chua and Sara Sinclair


The Alter of Stuff installed by Michael Bowdidge

3 way installation - Mirja Koponen Adeline Bourret and Sara Sinclair

Data Swarm and foam blob slice by Sara Sinclair and Mirja Koponen

Problematic crystal resulting in a plinth dump

Cucumber in Peril on the 41 Steps (film still) Rebecca Green and Sara

Gesamtkunstwerk 2