A series of action painting performances in which Fanny Craddock Pollock the fantasy cook and painter wife of Jackson, ordered her assistants to paint using kitchen utensils. Performed with Laura Sutherland and Benjamin Newell.

Action at the Auction , the audience is invited to bid on the performers body parts. The audience can choose from a selection of colours but the performers will only take bids on the body parts they themselves wish to reveal. Performed with Rea Chris.

The wall print was produced at a painting performance by two silent women using kitchen utensils including an electric whisk. Performed with Laura Sutherland.

Yves Kline Be Mine, a tribute to Anthropometres, but not naked , oh no. Two women stay 'decent', in their 'Bay Watch' style swimming costumes. Performed with Mirja Koponen.

J Beuys meets J Muir, behind every great man is a great woman, and what if these two men were to be reincarnated as women. An interview was conducted, iconic materials were discussed and J Beuys admited to the audience she can't draw a donkey. Performed with Rebecca Green at the John Muir Birthplace, Dunbar, East Lothian.

Tri the Tour, an alternative gallery tour of Margaret McCormick and Laura Sutherland's exhibition Tri. RUN, WAVE, SHOUT HA! Imagine and warm up in December in a cold gallery.

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"wisk it darlings" paints with her assistants at the Market Gallery Glasgow at Axo Gallery, Edinburgh with Rea Chris with kitchen utensils symphony. St Marks, Edinburgh symphoney - St Marks Edinburgh with improvised symphoney Body painting with symphony with Rebecca Green at the John Muir Birthplace Museum Field work after the descussion at the Old Ambulance Depot at the Old Ambulance Depot at the Old Ambulance Depot