The risk of being crowned by falling furniture has subsided but the risk of tripping over household detritus has escalated. Objects are assembled, installed and titled with the aim of creating a sense of theatre and fresh perception.

The Archive and the Wolf 1min 22sec. video looped. Found footage of a wolf in its natural habitat, screened on an analogue TV on stacked archive cardboard boxes. Installed in a locked room and viewed from a window in the corridor of the Richard Demarco Archive at Craigcrook Castle Edinburgh. 2011.

Mobile Mindful Raisin Appreciation, attractively presented chocolate raisins with instructions on how to consume them in a 'mindful' way. A comfortable camper van parked outside an art exhibition this was an 'aperitif' to the activity of experiencing art 'in the now', as advocated by the therapeutic activity of Mindfulness. At The Old Ambulance Depot.

Live Feed, tubes, pumps, TV and electric cables, lilies and water, assembled in a precarious kinetic assemblage.

Red Till Receipt after the artist Ceal Floyer's Monochrome Till Receipt series in which over 40 white items are purchased, this is a till receipt with only 13 red items following the economy's downturn and society's bad luck.

Prague Apartment Museum, an installation of 15 everyday objects that were given individual fantastical histories and annotated in English and Czech. A button was presented with the story of how it belonged to Fifi Buttoon a famous fashion designer who had lost it and was subsequently lost herself.....

Furnell's Tiger, digital capture, foil fur shining.

 1min 22sec video
Beuys Archive and Wolf (video): 1min 22sec video

chocolate raisins in cellophane
Mobile Mindful Raisin Appreciation: chocolate raisins in cellophane

parked outside the Tri exhibition
The camper van for mindfulness: parked outside the Tri exhibition

in the camper outside the gallery
Mobile Mindful Raisin Appreciation: in the camper outside the gallery

Live Feed - kinetic assemblage  

Scented lilies and water pumps
Live Feed: Scented lilies and water pumps

adapted cutlery
My Manners - cutlery: adapted cutlery

After Ceal Floyer
Red Receipt: economic update: After Ceal Floyer

projection at The Water Tower. BG
Smile Please - projection: projection at The Water Tower. BG

Degree Show 2007
Outside In - ECA: Degree Show 2007

of domestic objects
Domestica: a candle lit gathering : of domestic objects

scaps & silver survival blanket
Wall Collage, 1m x1m :: scaps & silver survival blanket

beads, thread and transfers
Bed cover : all over embroidery: beads, thread and transfers

on a Persian rug
Animated Motif : paper cut outs : on a Persian rug

collections & invented histories
Inventory, with Mirja Koponen: collections & invented histories

Prague Apartment Museum
Inventory, with Mirja Koponen: Prague Apartment Museum

Introductory information
Inventory, Prague Apartment Museum: Introductory information

evening in all it
Furnell's tiger - captured one : evening in all it's foil glory