Drawing and Painting

A selection of images based around domestic life, a love of refined fiddling and the daintiness of making with a hint of the subversive.

Chemical Plant Prague apartment installation

Satellite town Prague apartment

Satellite town square Prague appartment

Prague apartment installation  

Data Swarm  Financial Times

Reconstrcuction II 80cm x 55cm

Reconstruction 80cm x55cm

Reconstruction - detail  

Reconstruction - detail  

Hopper's House Under Reconstruction 45cm x50cm

Fountain: paper and pen A2 size

Muscular Ornamentation of the Hand  

Nerve and Bone Ornametation, Hand  and Forearm Stitched

For Innocent Amusement  

Good Dog 45cm x 30cm

From China to France 35cm x 25cm chamois leather

Unraveling Tea Trolly 60cm x 55cm

Stirring It 60cm x 55cm