With You

Anyone can work with Anyone 2005 , this project involved a study into young children's art education in conjunction with a studio collaboration with my primary school aged children. The outcome of our collaborations resulted in an exhibition held in the attic of a large house.

Interactive Zoo 2006, I asked art students to draw forth their inner animal and entrust their images to me. I nurtured them and remade their images on more substantial supports (canvas, wood, paper) and hung them in the zoo 'salon'.

Grow Your Own eca 2007, visitors to Edinburgh College of Art Degree show were invited to make their own art exhibit by drawing tags which were placed on a trellis. Over the two week period of the degree show the exhibit grew up the wall like a plant.

The Slateford Green Vine 2009, green paper cut out leaves were dropped at the doors of all the residents of the Slateford Green area. At the end of the week their decorated leaves were gathered up and the Slateford Green Vine flourished at a social gathering.

Image Swap, is an ongoing badge project which began in 2006 and continues to tour. Participants draw an animal/character and receive another person's drawn image in the form of a badge. No matter your own perceived ability to draw, this activity opens up drawing to all. Each small image is entered into the exhibition to be potentially owned by an appreciative art lover.

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- by Rosie, Sammy & Sara Sinclair constructing paper planes Paper Plane Installation Anyone can work with Anyone - consultations on anthropomorphism salon detail detail  - images drawn degree show vistors  - locals decorate the leaves Total Kunst Gallery Fettes College Edinburgh 2011 Edinburgh